Market Development of Chongqing Liquid Wallpaper

Chongqing liquid wallpaper is a type of artistic paint. It is a product upgraded from traditional wallpaper. It has better artistry and durability. It is easier to clean. It is a typical representative of environmentally friendly paint. , Reducing the harm caused by general coatings.
The reason why Chongqing liquid wallpaper is called a green paint is that it does not need to use 107 limbs, polyvinyl alcohol, etc., so it does not contain heavy metals such as ships, mercury and aldehydes, so as to achieve the purpose of non-toxic and non-polluting. Because it is a water-based paint, "liquid wallpaper" has strong antifouling properties, good moisture-proof and antibacterial properties, and is not easy to grow insects and not easy to age. Through proprietary molds, different styles of national cases can be made on the wall. The products are mainly derived from the surface of natural shellfish shells. The adhesive also uses non-toxic and harmless organic limbs. This is a truly natural and environmentally friendly product. Wallpaper coating not only overcomes the shortcomings of single color, no layering, wallpaper discoloration, warped edges, blistering, seams, and short lifespan, but also has the advantages of convenient construction, long lifespan, beautiful wallpapers, and good decorative effects. It is a high-tech product integrating the advantages of latex paint and wallpaper. This product can be constructed at one time, maintaining the super-strong effect of various styles of silk products for more than 15 years. There are five series of products: printing, knurling, night light, chameleon and relief. Hundreds of drawing rooms for customers to choose.
In terms of installation, traditional wallpaper installation requires high smoothness of the wall, while liquid wallpaper belongs to the paint category, which naturally reduces the requirements of the wall. At the same time, traditional wallpaper stitching is often a headache, and the advantages of liquid wallpaper are obvious. The liquid wallpaper has simple structure, strong technicality and convenient operation. One or two people work with a building area of 200 square meters, which saves twice the time and manpower compared with traditional materials. Generally speaking, wallpaper paint will dry within 10 hours, and the construction period is short. At the same time, liquid wallpaper is suitable for cement-based surfaces, ceramic surfaces, wood surfaces, metal surfaces, and glass surfaces, and has a wide range of application prospects. Secondly, liquid wallpaper is easy to refurbish, tired of the wall patterns at home, wallpaper is often difficult to remove from the wall without leaving a trace, liquid wallpaper can only be restored to its original state when covered with latex paint. In use, the traditional wallpaper is easy to peel off, get lost, and cannot be cleaned. Traditional wallpaper is afraid of getting wet and needs a special cleaning agent to clean it, which is troublesome to clean. The wallpaper is a water-based paint. Its surface is embossed material. It has a smooth belly and fine texture. It has the luster of pearl and silk. It is waterproof, scrub-resistant, antistatic, not easy to stick to dust, and has strong anti-fouling properties. It also has good moisture-proof and antibacterial properties. Performance, not prone to insects, not prone to aging. Living for more than 20 years, users can brush their teeth repeatedly if they pursue fashion.
The reason why Chongqing liquid wallpaper can seize the coating market is caused by many factors. First of all, as the income level of urban residents increases and consumption concepts change, residents hope to decorate their houses more comfortably and stylishly. Latex paint cannot eliminate this effect, while liquid wallpaper can change the decorative effect of several kinds of wallpaper by combining more than 100 patterns with different background colors and construction methods. From this perspective, the liquid wallpaper can go away. The beautiful market meets the individual needs of consumers. In addition, in recent years, the concept of green home furnishing and the concept of returning to nature are very popular. Traditional paint is gradually abandoned by consumers, and liquid wallpaper made of natural materials is becoming more and more popular in the market. The hot sale of liquid wallpaper with environmental protection function has naturally become a mature issue. Third, from the perspective of the product characteristics of the liquid wallpaper itself, this new type of decorative material is superior to the traditional paint. Liquid wallpaper is easy to use, durable, erasable and easy to replace. 10 years of normal use without any problems.