Characteristics and color matching of Chongqing texture wall membrane

Chongqing texture wall membrane is a new type of environmental protection material for wall decoration. In the construction process, through special molds, special raw materials and unique construction techniques, thousands of different styles and realistic textures can be created on monotonous walls. Its excellent performance PK drops other kinds of decorative materials, its colors and art minute by minute. Skills, decorative effects, monotonous latex paint is unparalleled; durability, scrub resistance, environmental protection, unparalleled wallpaper wall covering; pollution resistance, water resistance, crack resistance, scratch resistance, unparalleled diatom mud; stretch elasticity, Tile spelling is incomparable. The capable inner wall can express art vividly. It is stylish, elegant, rich in colors and patterns, which not only makes people feel happy, but also rejuvenates the whole family. Muscle wall art can not only match Chinese style, classical style, European style, Mediterranean style, modern minimalist style, but each style is classic.
The muscles of artistic texture are classical. The best choice for modern home decoration.
The bedroom decides when the sun shines according to the location of the room. The east-facing room is chosen because the sunlight is the earliest and the sunlight leaves the room the earliest, so the light will darken in advance. It is safest to use light and warm walls. The south-facing room is because The sunshine time is the longest, and cool-colored walls are used. It can make people feel more comfortable and the overall effect is better. The room faces west. Due to the influence of sunset west lighting, dark colors should be chosen. For more comfort, the room facing the north is not directly illuminated by sunlight, so warm-color wall decoration should be selected, and the chromaticity must be lighter. The color brightness of the ceiling and walls should be higher, and the brightness of the ground can give people a bright and intimate feeling. It is even better if you add a dark coffee table and other decorations. The restaurant is a place where people eat, and it should be warm. , Neutral colors are the mainstay, coupled with colorful tablecloths, people's appetite greatly increases. The bedroom is the most important place for people. Chongqing texture wall membrane reminds us not to put bright colors in the first place, but to give people a sense of harmony and warmth. The color of the kitchen should be based on high-brightness warm colors, and the cleanliness should be chosen the easiest to clean. The texture wall decoration recommended here is the most suitable, because the texture wall is easy to clean and can be cleaned. Chongqing texture wall membrane has super water resistance, and it will not fall off, mold, warp, or fade after being soaked for dozens of days. It is not only suitable for humid cities, but also for wall decoration in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. The main components of the texture wall film are water-based polymer resins, pigments and fillers, and water-based additives. It is a natural and environmentally friendly water-based material. It does not release any harmful substances and is harmless to the human body. The texture wall film with a relatively large resin molecular weight not only has good water resistance, but also prevents water molecules from entering the wall in the air, so it is called "washable". Decorative material. In addition to excellent water resistance, it also has super scratch resistance. After construction, the wall thickness of the fabric can reach 0.2mm or more, and it has super hardness and elasticity. That is, the use of steel balls or other sharp materials in the formation The surface of the film rubs back and forth without scratches. The friction resistance coefficient reaches 20,000 times, which is very cost-effective. It is loved by people!