Introduction to the characteristics of Chongqing art paint

Chongqing art paint is a very popular type of decoration paint. Its characteristic is that it has a strong artistic quality. There is diversity in both colors and patterns. It can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration and has a good The decorative effect.
Chongqing Art Paint is a kind of high-definition paint. The decorative effect mainly depends on the pattern, color and luster of the paint film, which is rich in three-dimensionality. It should be pointed out that the pattern, metallic glitter and three-color pearlescent on the surface of the artistic paint are determined by the formulation and film-forming mechanism of the paint itself. There is also a kind of artistic paint belly, such as (fake) wood grain, (fake) marble pattern, tiger skin pattern and other artistic paint film (paint), not by the paint itself, but by the artistic processing of the operator. These paints are not artistic paints. The so-called artistic paint refers to the highly decorative artistic paint applied on the surface of the paint itself. This kind of artistry mainly refers to the pattern of the coating (crystal lines, cracks, hammer patterns, relatively grains) and special luster and colors (various fluorescence, metallic glitter, pearlescent, etc.). The surface treatment requirements are very high. The surface should be clean and smooth. Otherwise, it is impossible to form a unified model and model. The two-color effect of metallic flash paint is caused by its optical properties. The uneven bottom will naturally affect its optical performance.
Chongqing Art Paint is a new type of wall decoration art material, which originated in Europe and was introduced to Europe. After entering the domestic market in the 20th century, it was highly welcomed and respected by people for its novel decorative style. Compared with other decorative materials, art paint is a new type of wall decorative paint developed on the basis of traditional latex paint combining the advantages and practicality of other wall materials. It combines a variety of artistic techniques for construction. It presents diversification in design and satisfies the visual pursuit of consumers. Artistic paint has the characteristics of fine texture, smoothness, natural texture, long service life, dustproof, anti-stripping, anti-cracking, anti-penetration, easy cleaning, and anti-scrubbing. However, compared with ordinary latex paint and wallpaper, the price of art paint is slightly higher.
The biggest difference between Chongqing art paints and traditional paints is that traditional paints are mostly single-color latex paints. Even if only one type of paint is used, the effect is relatively simple and the product types are the same, as is the art paint. Due to the difference in painting and craftsmanship, different effects can be obtained. Effect and level. The effect is more natural, the pattern is more layered, and the service life is longer, which can be said to be the other two advantages of artistic coatings. Simply put, wallpaper and paint are used to decorate the walls. The wallpaper is pasted on the wall and is a processed product. If you like to put on makeup alone, there will always be some traces that feel unnatural. But the artistic portraits are painted on the wall like putty, they are completely integrated with the wall. Therefore, its effect will be more natural and fit; in addition, compared with other decorative materials, art paint will not show yellowing, fading, cracking, blistering, poisoning and other problems. In addition to covering the walls with ordinary paint, artistic paint is also different from ordinary decorative paint. It is difficult for ordinary paints to achieve various complex colors, textures and textures, and the changes are endless. Regardless of the entire service process, raw materials, construction technology, construction tools, etc., its complexity and technical requirements are unmatched by ordinary coatings. It is a new and fashionable wall decoration material, which brings new wall decoration effects to users. It will bring revolutionary changes to wall decoration.