Construction requirements of Chongqing interior wall coatings

Chongqing interior wall paint is an indispensable paint for interior wall decoration. This kind of paint cannot be used as exterior wall paint. It has poor water resistance and is only suitable for indoor environments. The current commonly used paints include latex paint and powder paint. They are both environmentally friendly and decorative, making them a good choice for interior decoration.
The main function of Chongqing interior wall paint is to decorate and protect the interior wall, make it beautiful and tidy, and make humans live in a better living environment. The interior wall paint is a latex paint for general decoration. Latex coatings are latex coatings. According to the classification of the substrate, they are divided into two categories: polyester drum vinyl emulsion and acrylic emulsion. Water is the thinner of latex paint, and it is a kind of paint that is easy to apply, safe, resistant to law and good in air permeability. It mixes different colors and matches different colors. Water-based interior wall paint, oil-based interior wall paint and dry-type interior wall paint. According to the state classification, interior wall coatings include liquid coatings and powder coatings, and ordinary latex paints and wall coatings are liquid coatings. The interior wall powder coating adopts advanced and novel powder dispersion equipment and technology to solve various liquid chemical additives added in the traditional coating production process. Interior wall coatings have the following categories and their use characteristics: First, water-soluble coatings, polyvinyl alcohol is dissolved in water, and then various additives are added to make interior wall coatings to improve the performance of interior wall coatings and reduce production costs.
Chongqing interior wall paint is a kind of paint that must be used for home decoration paint. The most common is latex paint. However, with the development of technology, interior wall paint is not only a latex paint, such as dry powder paint, new imitation enamel paint, artistic color paint, texture paint, etc. The cement wall should be maintained for more than one month, the humidity should be less than 6%, the surface humidity of the wooden material should be less than 10%, and the wall should have no leakage and cracks during construction. Clean all adhesives and dirt on the surface. It is a water-based paint, so it has high requirements for construction and maintenance. During construction and maintenance, the temperature should be higher than 5 degrees Celsius, and the ambient temperature should be lower than 5%, in order to better form the film. Generally speaking, the repair time should be 7 days and the temperature should be higher than 5 degrees Celsius. Try to keep the temperature as low as possible for a longer time. In the construction of the exterior wall, due to external objective factors such as weather, it should not rain within 12 hours before the latex paint is painted, and the humidity in the paint construction cannot be too low, especially before the latex paint is painted. Two-component reactive coatings, at low temperatures, will make the film formation very slow, and the required time will increase. At the same time, after coating, it should not rain for 24 hours to avoid being washed and damaged by rain.
Chongqing interior wall paint cannot be used to paint exterior walls, because exterior wall coatings require high anti-sun performance, and interior wall paints do not have anti-sun performance, so interior wall paints cannot be used to paint exterior walls, that is, they cannot be used to paint exterior walls. . Interior wall paint cannot be used as exterior wall paint. Exterior wall paint can be used as interior wall paint. Although interior wall coatings cannot be used as exterior wall coatings, exterior wall coatings can be used as interior wall coatings. Of course, this is due to the neglect of environmental protection and other factors (some exterior wall paints are added with formaldehyde preservatives and other anti-corrosion materials, which are carcinogens, and their use in interior wall paints will endanger human health), because exterior wall paints are water-resistant , Erosion resistance, can be used as interior wall paint.